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Private Villa – Lelystad

For a tailor-made villa in Lelystad, we pulled out all the stops for exclusive living pleasure. We expanded the building, placed a fireplace and glass walls encased in tight steel frames. We provided the entire ground …


The international toy manufacturer Tiamo will expand its business premises in the coming years. With the first doubling of the floor space, we took care of the turnkey delivery of the internal renovation and furnishing, including the complete E&W installation.

MCM Marknesse

The tough steel company MCM Marknesse moved into a brand new business premises of 2,000m2. We took care of the complete dismantling inside and the interior. Of course with a lot of beautiful steel, such as …

A.S.F. Fischer

For Fisher Benelux, we transformed a dated building into a contemporary office that reflects the identity of the company. Industrial constructions and nuts, bolts and screws are playfully reflected in the tight construction and furnishings.

Lely Campus

The business complex of Lely got a makeover with a fresh and distinctive concept. The complex was also awarded the highest possible certificate for sustainability: BREEAM-NL Outstanding: a Dutch first.

Windesheim College

From casting floors to glass walls and from painting to data cabling, windesheim college revitalized the entire third floor. For students and teachers a nice, fresh place to share knowledge and meet each other.