project work is partnership


Sparring partner at every step

If you work with Livorno projects, we are happy to turn your responsibilities into ours. This means that we do everything we can to actually transform your wishes, get your planning and stay within your budget. Every step of the way in the process of new construction, renovation and restyling, we are your sparring partner. A partner who is experienced on the one hand and on the other hand energetic and creative. With a strong team of professionals.

Through the craftsmanship of our team and the experience in countless projects, we know about mittens. We can work within any schedule and budget to achieve what you have in mind. From the very first moment, we help you with choices that are efficient and cost-effective and deliver the best end result.

From floors to walls and ceilings, from lighting to climate control and from furniture to coffee equipment, we can shape and execute your needs in full width within an open budget. At Livorno projects you will find all craftsmanship under one roof. With a team that is at home in his profession and also knows what smart working together is.

If we execute our design, we do so flawlessly as planned. That planning is tight enough to meet your deadlines, but flexible enough to be able to make other choices together during the work when new insights emerge. We like to take that extra step to exceed your expectations with the end result.

Livorno Projects takes care of the complete phase-out
from an airframe building to turn-key delivery.


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